'New' badge for Knowledge Center Bot

  • 29 April 2020
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Most organizations are continuously adding new content to the Knowledge Center Bot. It’ll be helpful to be able to attach a ‘New’ badge to the Knowledge Center button to draw attention. The workaround is a pop-up to message the new content but that is quite annoying to a busy user.


The ‘New’ badge should also be attached to the new content. Essentially, creating a trail, guiding users to the new content.


We would really appreciate this feature. Without it, it’s just difficult for us to message new content to our users. Thanks!




2 replies

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FYI @angelo @mickey 

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Happy to share that the PX January release included the ability to add a Progress Bar and/or Alert Badge (topic of this Product Idea) for the KC Bot.

Check out the docs for more details!