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Need to show the bounced/rejected Users in the Email performance analytics

  • 11 August 2020
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Hi All,

As of now we are seeing only the count of bounced emails in the Emails analytics but It will be helpul if the users/emails are shown who got bounced/rejected while sending emails.


R Satheesh

3 replies

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I’m also interested to know how to get the list of users whose emails bounced back. @link_black  you’re usually the jack of all trades when it comes to tips, any suggestions? :)

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Thanks for calling me out on this one Boris! :)


Currently, the only way to get this data is by using our PX REST API’s “Get Email Events” operation. 

It is actually pretty easy to use through our Apiary console.



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Tnx for helping me out @link_black. I knew you’ll think of something :)