Multiple Gainsight PX tenants

  • 27 July 2021
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It would be great if multiple (at least 2) Gainsight PX tenants can track usage data and interact with a single product. This allows the different tenants to independently track PX, show engagements to the user and provide different KC bots. Why is this important?

  1. Customizing a product is not unusual for enterprise software. While engagements or the KC bot will work well for standard components they might be useless for customized user workflows.
  2. Even though the customer refrains from customizing the software the user workflows might still differ. Individual company policies will render engagements, e.g. guided tours, useless.
  3. Customers are very interested in their own product adoption, including individual requirements about what should be tracked.
  4. Customers want to bring their own company knowledge into individual KC bots.

A single tenant hosted for a customer would satisfy the customer’s needs depicted in 1.-4. However, I will lose the ability to track the customer’s PX.

Solution: Two independent Gainsight PX tenants :wink:

3 replies

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@parx thank you for posting the detailed use-case here. 

I like the concept of “Two independent Gainsight PX tenants”, I will check the possibilities here. 

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@parx  Thanks for the post. However , can you help me understand the use case some more.

In a single subscription you can have multiple products. So in affect - you can have a product tree mapped to the 2 versions of product as 2 products . Today with the cloning capabilities, it is very easy to build product tree faster. Will different flavours or versions of products tracked as 2 separate lines not help you solve your use case. Better yet, using a global context you can have such that once you define a product and its tree , using global context add a attribute called version to track usage from one version to another. You can always filter based on Version 1.0 to version 2.0 if interested.

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@skalle Thanks for your interest.

I’m aware of the described solution. Assuming I have 100 customers, each having their own customized product, would require me to maintain 100 products and according trees. Moreover, even without customization, it would require me to maintain the individual engagements & KC bots of the different customers. So this is not an option. I would like to give the customer control.