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More Retention Analysis functionality in GPX

  • 9 August 2019
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We are heavy GPX users and rely on retention analysis for our growth performance. However - we still find it somewhat manual.

Idea one:

Here’s a spredsheet that we have to manually pull (copy/paste) into a spreadsheet for refined analytics (link). There should be an export functionality (csv) so we don’t have to recreate this viz in a spreadsheet. The export should respect the filters and daterange applied.

Idea two:

Please have the individual cells hyperlink to the list of users/accounts that came back for a given week. I.e. 2 accounts came back in Week 3. The expected behavior should be I clicking the number 2 in week 3 and seeing a list of accounts.

5 replies

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Hi Beatriz, Welcome to the Community, and thanks for your product feedback!

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Thanks Beatriz! Totally agree.

I like the idea of clicking into the cells and seeing the users/accounts so you can drill down.

@mickey @ciarapeter

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Agreed! I am a strong +1 for idea 2.

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Would LOVE the ability to drill down into the details of this report and see a list of either Users, Events, Accounts that make up each cohort. And the export to csv is fantastic too!