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Knowledge Center Bot Feedback Tab Customization

  • 15 August 2019
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We've noticed that the knowledge center bot is a bit rigid in its customization options right now.

We would like to be able to change the options in the Feedback tab since the current options listed aren't well suited to our needs. We do feedback through other integrations right now so we wanted to set this tab up more for customer support. Right now the only customization possible is the ability to change the name on the Feedback tab which doesn't help us much because we can't also customize the categories for the feedback to be more related to support.

5 replies

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Hey guys do we have any idea if/when this will be on the roadmap? We also discussed customizing the thank you message which I think is a very good use case as well.

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@ciarapeter fyi

Meanwhile, Adrienne, the current customizations are available in KC Bot:

  1. Renaming
  2. Re-positiong
  3. Re-branding
  4. Re-wording on the bot bubble
  5. Changing the image of the Bot
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@mickey I want to bring this back up again. Do you know if/when this will be on the roadmap?

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The re-positioning is also limited, you can move it left to right, but it would be great to be able to move it up and down also!

In addition to @harshibanka ‘s recommendations above, the ability to set up email forwarding by category type would be amazing!