Knowledge Center Bot: Allow use of custom icons

  • 12 April 2021
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We would like to use our own icons on the Knowledge Center Bot tabs and in front of the engagement entries in the list. Using custom iconswould contribute to making the Knowledge Center Bot really part of the user interface.

1 reply

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The PX product does currently provide the ability to change the icon style and color that are shown/used each of the tabs. But the options available are from a fixed list of svg. This is so that the color of the icon can also be updated per your style/colors. Do you have a list of icons that we should consider adding to the list (or do you want it to be upload-able and/or accessible/private to your organization)

Yes, we do not currently support style icons for the engagements. You can also choose to not show the default icon from the engagement list and use an emoji as first character in the names of your engagement to have a similar effect?