KC Bot Improvements - one click access to Articles/Videos and targeted Feedback Category email forwarding

  • 7 April 2020
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Posting on behalf of a customer…


It would be great if users would have one click access to Articles/Videos.  Currently, there is a two step process to click on the Article/Video option, then click on the “Read More...” link. See below:



It would also be great if each Feedback Category could be sent to a separate forwarding address.  For example:

Issue → Support team

Feature request - > Product team

General Feedback / Other → only stored in PX Feedback Analytics

  • sending feedback "categories" to different email addresses. 

6 replies

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I see two separate product ideas:

  1. Reduce # of clicks: Customers appreciate it that end users stay in the application vs. leaving into a new browser tab. The first click allows user to see the article and keeps them in the app. Love to hear feedback from the community.
  2. Route feedback to different email based on category: Request acknowledged! This is part of our Dynamic Feedback Category functionality planned for this year.
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Hi Angelo,

If I would like to keep the user in the app - I would indeed do the article thing. However - If I want to open a link in a new tab - this is just bad usability. This about the icons you have at the top of PX



If I click on documentation / community, etc. - Do you take me to an article? No. You just open the documentation / community directly. 


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Hi @angelo - Any updates on this? This seems like a very small task to do which for us would improve the usability of the KC bot immensly.


(cc @Ekta Kumari )

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Yes, we are planning to have it for mid-July release as an option on the article (i.e. preview vs open new tab)

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I would like to add a URLs into the KC bot that link to external articles (opens in a new tab) without the need for an engagement or articles. We have our own help documentation pages and would like to link directly to those pages with one click from the KC bot. Currently upon clicking it opens an article or engagement so the user has to then click “read more” to open the page. That’s about 2-3 clicks needed (added friction) when they are probably frustrated looking for help information.


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@amadeo  @YarivZur Please note that the request to have a way to create links to external resources instead of articles has been implemented and released as part of Oct release. We now introduced a new content category “Web Links” to achieve the same. We will be releasing the documentation on the same while release notes refer to the feature. Thanks for your continued support.