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  • 29 March 2021
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Hi everyone,

We would really appreciate if there would be an option to copy-paste a list of IDs into the Audience Logic field when defining an engagement (not saying that this option shouldn’t be available for other fields in other parts of PX too).

The use case is very straightforward. Imagine having hundreds of Accounts using the same product in basically the same way (their actions and behaviour are very similar). But you have a one-time special reason why you want to show your notification only to Users of (let’s say) 50 specific accounts. And imagine that you can get this list of 50 accounts in question very easily from your database. In this case, what would be perfect, in a sense that it would make sure that the right audience will be targeted, is to insert the 50 AccountIDs in question (as the only Audience Logic condition) and immediately launch the event.

With the currently available options, the only way to do this is to manually insert Id per Id... until you inserted all 50 :)

8 replies

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I can see this applying to Enablement Engine as well as we are unable to create our custom segments based on user attributes. Would be great to be able to upload our own list of users we want to send an engagement too.

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Thanks for posting to PX Community @dorian_cudina !


For this use case, all you need to do is convert that list of Account IDs into a comma-delimited list and then you can copy/paste it directly into that Audience Logic field.  Below is an example using email addresses that will also work for user/account ids that should help you visualize what needs to be done.


For example, you can copy this comma-delimited list of email addresses…,,,,,


... and paste it directly into the field and it will result in the following filter ("OR" is how they are used)…



One thing to point out is that you can have up to 1,000 entries per field, so if you have more values than that you will need to create more than 1 condition and use the "OR" option.  See example below:



When I do this with large sets of data, I usually copy/paste the list from Excel into a text editor and then use the find/replace options to convert it fast.


I hope this was helpful and happy PX-ing!


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Hey @link_black,

Thank you for this comment and suggestion. This is true, but does this work for all types of variable fields? For example, what if we want to use an ID variable which is (for some reason) defined as “numeric”? I may be wrong, but it seems to me that Gainsight would be able to add only 1 (the first) comma and all other numbers would be concatenated, despite being separated by a comma in the original file…

Now that I wrote it like this, on second thought, I’d say the idea above should be formulated differently - Insert a List of Numeric Values in one go or something like that… The use case is still the same, there is just this important detail that the mentioned IDs belong to a Gainsight field of “numeric” type :)

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@dorian_cudina this will not work for User/Account attribute fields of type “Number”, so that is surely a feature request.  Thanks for clarifying!

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hey @link_black,

by any chance, were there some updates related to this feature request?

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@dorian_cudina none that I am aware of.  Did you notice something different?

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@link_black no, I just ended up once again in the same situation (wanting to insert a huge number of IDs as a condition for the engagement’s audience logic) - so I wanted to check if, by any chance, you have more information about the development of this feature request :)

One additional tip for this,  if you’re using Google Sheets, you can use the “JOIN” function with the following syntax like the example below. This will insert a comma between each value. Then you can copy+paste the cell into the appropriate field in the audience targeting

  • =JOIN(“,”,A2:A10)