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Generate URL to launch an Engagement from a Link.

  • 10 October 2019
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I was speaking with a customer earlier who would like the ability to generate a link for an engagement to then be able to launch Engaggement via a link.

As of now the only way to show an engagement on demand is by using the Knowledge Center Bot. This has come up a few times now, do we see in the future being able to launch Engagement from a link?

5 replies

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FYI @harshibanka

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@mikewohlwend in addition to being able to laucn engagements on-demand using KC Bot, you could use Engagement links to trigger off of other Engagements, something like chained engagements.

What was your use case here if you don't mind sharing?

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Sure, there are a couple: I'd like a support person to be able to send out a link to launch a guide, or I'd like to send a link to get somone testing a guide, or I'd like to make multiple buttons and let a user click one to go to that guide, and I'd like to link to guides from knowledge base articles. I think somone making intro videos would also like to link to a relevant guide at the end of the video.

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I also need the ability to launch an engagement off an engagement via a link - like a CTA button.

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@richiemin check this previous post out, since it should get you what you are looking for.