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Funnel Reports - Adding "Number Of Total Times the Feature/Event was used" condition

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Hello everyone,

Consider some usual feature adoption funnel:

  • Exposed to the feature
  • Activated feature usage
  • Recognized the value of this feature
  • Adopted the feature

With the current options we have in Gainsight PX for funnel reports, we don’t see an elegant way of creating this kind of adoption funnel. There are two usual ways of defining what it means that “the user adopted the feature” -  either by counting the number of times this feature was used by the user or considering that the feature was adopted only if the user uses it over a longer period of time.

In other words, there are two main options for setting up conditions on features and custom events that are missing here:

  • the option to set the number of total times that the feature or custom event was used/triggered (greater then x, equal to x...)
  • the option to set up a condition on the time interval when this feature was used - for example, in the “adopted stage” of the funnel (last stage) we should find only the users which triggered the same feature/event both “next week” and “next month” after they recognized this feature’s value

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@dorian_cudina thank you for sharing this here. We will look into the possibilities.

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Hi @sai_ram thank you for looking into it. Did the team provide you any feedback related to this idea?

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@Chandu FYConsideration and Action