Feature Request: Read-Only Custom Dashboard Access for External Users

  • 24 July 2019
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Hey all,

We just got the following questions from a client who is trying to promote adoption of our product to others at his organziation.

I was wondering if there was a data portal that I could look at for Bongo similar to other tools I manage? For instance, I pull usage data from ______ that includes who uses it, how long they use it for, whether or not they recorded their meeting... how many people are in the meetings... etc. _______ has a similar tool with all sorts of useful statistics. These statistics are available to me at all times and I use them fairly regularly to see how everything is working and also compare previous usage with current usage and help me focus my efforts for future usage.

As I work on strategies for implementing Bongo in future courses I find myself wishing I had a data portal where I could look at some stats to back me up when I go into a meeting.

Something that would help us address this need is an externally shareable custom dashboard - perhaps it could even be a standalone, password-protected page for that customer's access. This capability would save us time and make the customer more self-serve.

For now, we will probably pull together some usage reports filtered down to this account on a certain cadence.


4 replies

Thanks Julie, we actually have the same need in our business. We have business partners that want access to some of the data we collect through Gainsight PX , tied to their customers that use our products. Currently we would pull data through custom reports and manually share with partners.

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Adding to this: The ability to also export. Some folks just take a screenshot. This means certain user types can view, view AND export, view AND export AND edit.

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+1 from @jan_bauer_e57eed on this

Need the ability to export the "Adoption" Reports at a high level instead of going all the way to a feature level for each customer and share their adoption/ usage of our product.

cc: @ciarapeter

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Noted, thanks Julie!