Expand all modules in the Product Map

  • 2 September 2021
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I’m currently reviewing a very large product map, with 50 + modules and sub-modules. The person who built this Product Map has added page view features to all of the modules and sub-modules, along with a few click events here and there. My goal is to find a click event in this Product Map, but I’m not sure which module has click events. I don’t know the names of any of the click events, so can’t just use the search bar to locate them.


In order to find one of these click events, I have to expand each module, and then open the sub-modules inside, and then open the sub-modules inside that sub-module, and so on. It’s pretty slow-going. It would therefore be fantastic if there were a single ‘Expand all’ button that I could click to expand all of the modules and sub-modules in the Product Map. This would allow me to easily scroll through the Product Map and look at all of the features inside it without 50 + clicks. 

3 replies

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I like this!  It would also be nice to have filtering capabilities in addition to text search for items like event type, created date, and modified date. 


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Hey @link_black and @broghanzwack, thank you for your post and descriptive explanation to your expectation. We will look into this and circle back with an answer. 

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Will explore the data model to see to possibilities on this.