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  • 25 September 2019
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Currently, when saving an engagement as a template it will only save the layout of the engagement when applied to a new engagement.

It would save us time if we could either copy an engagement, that takes all the settings such as audience and scheduling into account, or have a template include all of the settings for the engagement that was used to set the template.

9 replies

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Hi! I agree, ability to copy engagements would be awesome, not to transfer just the content to other engagement, but also all other settings!

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+1 for sure, and more.

It's painful that we can't just duplicate an engagement and have it copy EVERYTHING (including how and where steps are linked to the product).

Beyond that, it's also painful that we can't build something in a test environment (i.e. another "product" in PX) and actually copy it over to the production "product" when we've validated that it works how we want.

Building and rebuilding and rebuilding this stuff, especially when it's complex, it's very, very frustrating.

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cc: @mickey / @ciarapeter

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Thanks for the feedback, Jaap! The ability to copy / clone engagements, with the associated rules, is in our plan for next quarter!

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fyi: @andrew_kwa

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That's great, thanks!




any news on the release date for this feature?


thank you

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@All, Happy to announce that your request is considered and pushed to October release. 

Please refer to release notes for more info

You can refer to this community post to know the number of posts considered for October release.