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Email notification opt out for email engagements sending

  • 16 June 2020
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We recently launched a series of onboarding emails for our app, which send around 20 customized emails per day, each custom-designed and targeted to reach our customers based on usage of our app. However, right now, I receive an email notification about every single time an engagement sends, and there is no way to turn this off. It’s very annoying. While I didn’t want to do it because I love getting the weekly digest emails on our app, I unsubscribed from all Gainsight emails to hopefully solve this problem. Please create a way to turn off email notifications for email engagements so I can re-subscribe to the email notifications I would like to receive. Thanks in advance for considering this.

2 replies

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More granular opt out settings might be useful.

Would very much like to be able to turn off notifications for email engagement having been sent! Thanks =)