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Display Badge views in the analytics

  • 29 July 2020
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Currently while using a badge in an Engagement, If we do not have any other steps like tooltip or dialog other than badge, when we launch it, if user visits/clicks on the badge the views in the engagement is not increasing, thus simply we are not tracking the badge views. 
But it would be useful to have the analytics for badge views as well, Because we might have some use cases where it will be enough to show just a badge and it’s badge tooltip. In those situations we are missing the views or count in analytics.


1 reply

I am using this badge and tool tip as a menu to our help center 

So in each page i have a badge and on hover, users are redirected to relevant page in our help center, based on the app page they are at

Alternatively, maybe allow to set the Knowledge bot content based on pages, and not just users attributes