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Create the option to trigger an engagement based on KC bot interactions

  • 11 April 2022
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I would love to be able to trigger an automated email engagement to users who read one of the articles we feature within KC Bot.


We host how-to guides within the Bot, and if we can get people viewing a certain feature that they do not have access to - we could fire out an email to acknowledge their interaction and ask if they would like to buy access.


It could be a great way to introduce more lead generation to Gainsight PX.

1 reply

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Hi @Jack-Occleshaw , are the How-to-Guides created in PX and your users can they see these guides only using KCBot? If yes, then you can use In-App Engagement Audience Rules along with custom attribute or Feature usage filters to target the users who have viewed the Guide and do not have access to these features or have not used these features. Let me know if this does not help you achieve your use-case?