Control over Knowledge Centre Bot Position

  • 20 January 2020
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Currently in PX, when we launch the Knowledge Centre Bot, it will be displayed at the “Right/Left bottom corner” of the application. And we don’t have the ability to control the position of the Bot. We can set it to either right or left bottom. It would be better if we have the ability to locate it relative to any side of the browser both in x and y. This would give users the ability to put it where there is room for it.

Some of the applications may have some important field at that place and if we launch the Bot, it might show up on the important information. Which is annoying for the user while using the application because there is no way that they can scroll away the Bot.

So it would be really awesome if we have more control over changing the position of the Bot. 

**It would be more helpful if we can provide the drag-down option also.




3 replies

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Thank you for the feedback

We’re working on enabling the Bot to be launched from any UI element on the screen to allow a more embeddable experience so it’s not floating around. stay tuned to Feb release.

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FYI on Mickey’s comment

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Our KB is working great and everyone is happy with it.

The only concern is that on a few  url's the bot is blocking important texts and elements. The question is if it is possible, instead of removing the bot from these url's to set up a different position?

Currently we were enforced to remove the Knowledge Center Bot from a few url’s.