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Bulk modification of rules in product mapper

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When using the  “Tag UI element as feature” functionality in the product mapper we have to modify the URL to remove GUIDs and add wildcards for every feature individually.

For example, if I tag an element it may have a distinct URL like:*

I would need to modify this to look like this:


Rather than do this feature by feature, it would save a ton of time to be able to tag all the elements, then in the product feature tree apply a bulk edit to replace ‘company name’ with * and then another bulk edit to replace 8da4c590-cb2c-11ec-9780-c7a52d328538 with null to the features.

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Thanks for posting to PX Community @ArthurVV !


This is an interesting feature for our PX Product team to consider, so I definitely upvoted this. :)


There are a couple Product Mapper features that you may or may not already be aware of that could help some…


First, there is a mass host settings find/replace option that allows one to find and replace the full/partial Feature scope URLs within your Product Map.



Second, we have a Product Map Module/Feature cloning option that allows one to find/replace the full/partial Feature URL (scope) and UI Element (CSS selector). 



Anyways, perhaps you could use one or both of these PX features to help until a more specific solution becomes available.


Happy PX-ing!

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Hi @link_black,

Thanks for the info - this find/replace functionality for host settings actually helped a ton for what I was trying to do. I think there’s still value in other bulk modifications but the URL find/replace is probably the primary use case.