Build a segment to satisfy both "number of visits" and "last seen" conditions for one particular fea

  • 19 September 2019
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Use case:

We need to track the user event data in "last 30days" along with the "number of visits having 3".

In current scenario, while using "number of visits" condition we cannot track the data for particular timeslot. As it is displaying the entire data which satisfies the "number of visits" condition irrespective of timeslot.

Currently when we use "number of visits" condition in the Audience explorer(Product mapper), it isn't considering the defined timeslot (last seen condition). The event is popping when the "number of visits" condition satisfies. Can we make this audience rule to satisfy both conditions?

For eg:

rule 1:

Feature - is - "#abc"

Last seen - lessthan - "30 days"

rule 2:

Feature - is - "#abc"

Number of visits - greater than - "3"

Can we make this work?

11 replies

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@ciarapeter / @shira please review

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Please, please, please. We need to have a more powerful audience creator. Mixing and matching things so we can show engagements to users based on multiple criteria together.

In case it's unclear, something like this is one of our needs:

>> Users that have visited [module] less than [x] times in [y] days

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Hi @alb ,

I believe the current solution should be able to address your example use case. See the following screenshots. Amber and I discussed this too, let me know what you think!

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@harshibanka, I'm assuming there are two options you're proposing here? The first one is #1 at the top and the second one includes #1 and #2 at the bottom?

What if someone visited that [module] 74 times, but none of those visits were in the last 7 days? That would not trigger, but is a condition we're expecting should trigger.

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@alb, that's the correct assumption, those were 2 suggested solutions.

For this other use case that you mentioned: What if someone visited that [module] 74 times, but none of those visits were in the last 7 days?

See the following rules, let me know waht you think :)

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Hi @harshibanka, it's not a new use case. It's the same use case, I'm just sharing an example that does not work properly.

Original requirement:

>> Users that have visited [module] less than [x] times in [y] days.

In your example, X=2, Y=7.

Your ORIGINAL suggested options fail under the following scenario:

>> User visits [module] 74 times (arbitrary number) over the past 365 days, but none of them are within the 7 day window.

The desire would be for this to trigger, but it does not because the first condition fails.

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Hi @alb,

When you say the first condition fails - I am not sure what that means?

Do you mean the first condition fails in Engagement trigger or in the Audience Explaorer Dashboard?

Shireesha's post was in context to Audience explorer and that the date filter does not change the "number of visits" to the web-app by the user but retains the historical number.

However, in context of PX Engagements and audience rules, "number of visits" when using the Product Mapper Rule, refers to number of times the user visited that particular feature and module- which very much honors the date filter (if you see in Adoption Analytics".

There, could you help understand which of the above two you are refering to or may be something else that I might be missing here?

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Our concern, and the reason this was posted from our ticket, is because we can't create a proper audience to trigger an engagement.

Our requirement is:

Users that have visited [module] less than [x] times in [y] days

Your solution:


Module in Account settings

Number of times used < 2



Module in Account Settings

Last Used < 7 days ago

This does not work. An example of a scenario that SHOULD work, but doesn't:

User visits Module Account Settings 74 times, but NOT within the 7 day window.

Condition #1 fails, so the entire solution fails. Based on our requirement, the result for this scenario should be TRUE.

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@alb I came across your Support Ticket and have more context now. I'd like to check with the Product Team if what you are repoting is really true for Engagement rules as well.

Will revert on this some time next week.

Thanks for bringing this up, great points always!

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Still believe we really need some progress here.  

  1. I cannot build an audience based on user SESSIONS within a Module.  I have to base it based on number of EVENTS.  Events don’t tell me anything useful about a user’s behavior.  Session is what’s important here.  I want to know if a user has had 15 SESSIONS in a particular Module.  
  2. Additionally, per most of the conversation above, I want to know if those 15 sessions happened within a timeframe.  Ideally, I can build an audience that says:  Users who have had 10 Sessions in the Content Mananger Module within the past 30 days.

THAT is a measure of a users’ familiarity with, comfort with, and usage of a part of the product.  Are they coming back, how frequently, and with what recency? 

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