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Bot - ability to change the text 'read more'

  • 6 December 2019
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Recently we are working to enable PX bot in our app, and want to lead users to our video training instead of the KB article.

The text ‘read more’ is hard text and can’t be changed. It would be great to have the option to change this text. i.e. watch the video…. learn more…. etc.

For our use case, read more… doesn’t work.


3 replies

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Good suggestion @hila ! 


As a possible current solution for this, you do not need to include a URL in “Link” field and can paste it directly into the “Body” section like the following:


Then, when KC Bot is display and the user clicks that Content, it will look similar to the following without the mismatched “Read More” link displayed:


I hope this helps a little!



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With the option you are suggesting the link doesn’t look nice,

If I were able to add a hyperlink it would be great, but the option is not available in the

text editor.

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I want to give you an update that we ended up, adding an image of a video icon to the content,

and added a link to it.  So now, when the user click on the icon a new window of the video opens.

Looks good now!