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AWS integration- Survey Response JSON file - include multi-question surveys

  • 18 October 2021
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Hi Gainsight community,

AWS integrations for json survey responses do not currently include the multi-question survey type.

This post is to both share and gain votes to also include multi-question survey data in the survey response export file to AWS.

Please see below response from Gainsight engineering team:


I got a confirmation from my engineering team saying that we don’t include multi-question responses in the S3 file. Please can you post this request as a feature request in our community, this Community post will allow you to interact directly with the Gainsight Product team. The Product team considers popularity in prioritizing feature requests, so encourage your friends and colleagues to “me-too” the post. All further updates on this ticket will come from the post, so please “follow” it to remain up to date on this request.


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