Audience rules for engagements in Knowledge Center Bot

  • 3 June 2020
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If we are able to specify audience rules for the engagements in Knowledge Center Bot, then we are able to serve engagements that are targeted at specific users. We could target users by using account ID, account name, segments, etc. This eliminates the need to create and maintain multiple KC Bots with different content for different customers.


Perhaps it could be 2 new tabs in the Engagement Audience Rules as seen below?



2 replies

This is an idea with a lot of merits.  Here are a few of the ways we would use this:

  1. Knowledge Center content that only applies to a particular customer segment
  2. Knowledge Center content that only applies to emerging features, which are enabled by feature switches for a handful of early adopters
  3. Knowledge Center content that needs to be localized to regional or country-specific norms, regulations or languages
  4. Knowledge Center content that needs to be proofed in the context of a UAT or SIT environment, as it’s not yet approved for consumption by every customer

I’m guessing everyone’s usage of KC Bot has (or will have) one or more of these use cases. #takenote #productmanagement #kcbotachillesheel

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Thanks for the feature suggestion!

As you know, you now have the capability to create multiple Knowledge Center Bots, each with their own set of targeted engagements and articles (more on how to create a Bot here)

We see that as our customers have built more Knowledge Center content (articles) on PX, you also want to be able to apply the same articles or subset to multiple bots.

As such, we are planning provide capability to make Knowledge Center content (articles) available to any of the Knowledge Center bots.