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Allow the Knowledge Center Bot speech bubble to display once per session, not always on every page refresh

  • 15 September 2020
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Posting on behalf of a customer…

When using the Speech Bubble help text in KC Bot, it is displayed always with every page refresh.  It would be great is this could be configured to show only once per session.  Or, if the user manually clicks the “X” close button, it will not be displayed again.  


12 replies

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Seconded, I’d love to have it show only once in total to users just to point it out - showing every refresh is too much and I can’t use it in its current state. Would also love to have the formatting on the speech bubble be prettier.

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This is a great idea - we have received a similar request from product owners and onboarding folks who would like the option for the speech bubble to appear within a range (upon the first 3 logins to the platform) and then quit.


I believe an enhancement in this area would be quite useful.

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Great suggestions for better usability. An option to “show speech bubble once per session” and a “show [ x ] consecutive times per user” setting.

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We received similar feedback from our users on the experience. Most other products (like online sales/stores) do this exact behavior where even when hovered over for the first time, the bubble goes away. 

I want to highlight a few variants to be considered for the fix for better usability.

1. Make it as part of the config → once per user session (by bot). “by bot” is implied but I am highlighting it because we use 2 bots to provide different context-based experiences

2. In the case of  “show [ x ] consecutive times per user” setting, if a user closes the bubble, capture that event and don’t render after

3. Attention-grabbing with alert over the bot icon. GS provides an option to choose from many icons. Could we have some kind of UI alert over the icon? e.g. a red dot, or something that pops/pulses. This could disappear 'on first click'  or set it as a 'one-time' function. This way if the bubble is disabled or not shown, the user is still drawn to the widget.

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Thanks @catchprakash , great discussion!

On your item #1, yes, the setting would be per bot and the tracking would be in context of each bot

for your #2, yes, if the user closes the speech bubble, it will not reopen if you configured it to “once per session”

for your #3, we recently released badges on the bot. The badge indicates to the users if there are any new items for them to look at. The badge is a small circle with number indicating the # of new items.

So presumably, all new users would have this badge with at lease one item to view and the badge is another great way to attract user attention.

(I’m afraid that having yet another attention grabber, i.e. pulsating icon or red dot, may be too much there and would also require lot of configuration option to be sure it does not interfere with the new alert)

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I absolutely love this idea! some of our users find it annoying to constantly see the ‘welcome to….’ speech bubble, so this feature would be a great addition!!!!!





Any update on this feature request? We are preparing to release our first KB and this has come up in our discussions. 


Has anyone come up with any work arounds?


Best regards, Leah

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Deifnitely has my vote. We’ve had complaints from customers who are annoyed at having to close the bubble again, even though they’ve close it before. It should either be once per session or remain closed if closed by the user.


Please can we have an update on this request. Thanks.

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@aharkut  could you pl share the latest

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Hi @link_black , I do acknowledge the use-case here and we have added this to pipeline. I will try and get this prioritised.



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I’ve seen an issue where sometimes the hint box is invisible. I thought that the hint box was just not showing, but QA found that when they don’t see the hint box, they cannot access part of the UI (and cannot close the invisible hint box). If the hint box showed up only once per session, that would solve our issue.