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Allow the Exclusion of Features or Modules from Path Analyzer display

  • 19 October 2020
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Posting on behalf of a couple customers…


It would be great if one could filter out (exclude) specific features or modules from the Path Analyzer report to make it easier to use and provide better insights.


Use cases:


#1 - We have a large number of custom events that are mapped that are rendering in the Path Analyzer report that I’d like to exclude, but once selected I cannot see a way that would logically exclude the module or feature itself.


#2 - In our case, we have plenty of Custom Events triggering with dozens of attributes and I have to create Features from these attributes so that I can keep track of our feature adoption (our app features are tracked as a Custom Event attributes) in the Analytics → Features → Adoption module.

But if I create a lot of Features in the PX then I’ll clutter the Path Analyzer and won’t see clearly what’s the exact path of our users through the app. Not all features are equally important that I want them to see in the Path Analyzer, however, they are important enough to track them from time to time.

I’m having a feeling that I have to sacrifice one to get the other and I don’t like it.


Here is a link to the PX Community post that started this feature request.


cc: @cjacksonfe @bostojic 

5 replies

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Tnx @link_black. Subscribed to the post :)

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Thanks @link_black for posting here on behalf of customers.
As mentioned in the community post that started this request, will work towards addressing the usecases mentioned in the near term roadmap.


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Hi @Chandu,

was there any development related to the above feature request? Without this feature, Path Analyzer is unusable for us, so we can’t wait for the feature to be implemented :)

I asked the same here: 


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Hi @dorian_cudina 
Replied on the other thread for the same feature. Its delayed but its on for Q3. 

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Hello all,
Updating this thread that Feature exclusion in Path Analyzer has been released as part of our latest August release.
Module exclusion tentatively Q4