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Allow More Customizability in PX Dashboards

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It would be great to have more customizability within PX dashboards. Currently, the built-in widgets are very limited on how they can be configured and customized. I’d love to have the ability to change the size of the widgets, the display, the colors, etc. Furthermore, I’d love for the ability to add Google sheets and other documents into the dashboard. Text boxes would also be great in order to expand on the widget and offer clarity where needed. The use case is to have all PX-related information in one place, on a single dashboard, to make it easier for consumption and visibility.


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@kstim Thanks for your feedback. Few of the requests you posted in these are already in our road-map. I am redirecting this to the product team, so that they can share the list of requests added to the road-map. 

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Hi @kstim 
Thank you for your post. Happy to share that Resizable widgets is on our near term roadmap.
Could you provide some more detail on what you mean by display and text boxes here?

Currently the Dashboard is looked at as one place to get analytics/insights through various widgets.
There is no plan to have Dashboard support being a file repository of different file formats. 

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Hi @sai_ram and @Chandu thanks for the follow up. Super happy to hear that resizable widgets are in progress! To expand more on what I mean here, I’m referring to having a text box widget which could be used for explaining the function of a specific dashboard or expanding on specific widgets within the dashboard. Generally speaking, it would be great to have more custom options available so that dashboards in PX can be tailored to more specific needs. 

Another customization I’d like would be assigning colors to lines. I’m not even talking about custom colors.  In the example below the higher lines are features under module A while the lower are in module B.  However it is confusing to users who would think the middle chart shows a flip in usage.


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Hi @kstim 
More customizable and flexible PX Dashboards is a goal we’re working towards.
You’re point on having a simple in situ explanation of the widget is noted.

Hi @mvartanian 
Currently, the widget is designed to know more information on hover. On hover, it clearly shows what the different colors of the graphs stand for.
That said, graph legends is on cards in the near future for a few widgets to start with.