Allow Every time (Paywall) option for Survey Engagements

  • 1 November 2021
  • 3 replies

It’d be wonderful to be able to set a survey engagement with the “paywall” qualification rule so that we can collect any-time rating/CES/Boolean/NPS/Multi-Question data.


The use case is around beta-features users have opted into. We’d like to give users the ability to “Send Us Feedback” or “Rate this Feature” without auto-firing an engagement based on usage rules or # of times viewed. 

3 replies

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Hello @Mark Mori, thank you for your post, having this looked into by our Product Manager who will get back at the earliest.

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Hi everyone, was there any feedback related to the above feature request? It would be very useful for us too and the use cases are pretty much the same.

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Hi @Mark Mori and @dorian_cudina, we are working on providing Survey trigger using a badge. Badge has the capability for a user to trigger any engagement on-demand. This should ideally solve your use-case.