Allow configured "Segments" to be used anywhere as a filter within PX, not just within the Engagemen

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Posting this for several customers, since I believe this is a great feature request!


Currently, Segments can only be used for targeting Engagements through Audience Rules and not directly in Analytics. Because of this, customers must use/create custom filters that mirror their Segments to do something similar within Analytics.

It would be great if including Segments criteria as an option everywhere that a filter could be used.

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Hi @link_black tnx for posting this. I'd add this a bit more details. For instance, if I make a segment „Self-service customers,“ I'd like to be able to apply that segment in the rule „is“ or „is not“ for:

• Cohort analysis

• Adoption

• As an engagement audience (send, e.g. welcome message to segment „first sign up“)

• Audience preview (account and user level)

• Etc.

I worked a lot with segments and segmentation in my experience, and I'm looking on ways how to incorporate it now with the analytics PX offers.

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I add a wholehearted +1 here.

Filtering the different analytics views by Segment would make it easier for PX admins to enable other team members to get value out of PX. One of my team members could filter by segment, rather than needing to build out a nuanced filter themselves.

My way to accomplish this currently is to create Public filters that are relevant to different people. Where I get stuck is that applying a Public filter to a report overwrites other filters currently applied.

For example, someone on my team may want to see how many times users engaged in ____ feature. Once they see that, they may want to see that information filtered by a certain segment of users. They may want to see that info for several segments of users at the same time. If we could filter by Segment, we could set the Segment logic to OR and create a... Super Segment! (Now I'm just making up words)

Another valuable application would be filtering by a Segment made up of power users. Every org is going to have a different definition of what a power user looks like. The value I could see here would be:

  • analyzing power user behavior - what are they doing differently? are they spending more or less time in the product? etc
  • removing power users when analyzing the "Average" user - great, power users are engaging in the new features, but what about the rest? Are those features relevant to a broad audience or just very experienced users?
The point being, filtering by Segment could allow for a more natural progression in data discovery/exploration for less data-savvy team members.

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Adding another vote for this one. It would just seem natural that if a segment is setup in one part of the application, it could be used in the other parts of the application.

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I also upvoted this idea. I feel that filters and segments indeed are very similar concepts. Additionally, it seems that filters on dashboards and analytics, filters on engagements and segments sometimes contain different properties to be used in filtering that could also be used in other places.

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💯 this would be huge!  We also selected Pendo b/c segments weren’t universally available in PX.

We need this!

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I concur. Segmentation is simply a query and using segmentation across the environment would be a query of a query, but it should pass the same results. 


In many cases we have  a specific set of users or accounts we segment and when I need to target those specific IDs again, there isn’t even a way to copy the list from the segment and use them in a separate query.  :frowning2:

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I’m genuinely surprised that Segments aren’t usable in Filtering (for Dashboards or any other functional areas). So much so that I spent 15 minutes manipulating my Segments, Filters, New and Old Dashboards, and looking through other features trying to find how to add them. 


This absolutely has to change, or let me copy my Segment filters into other Saved Filters for things like dashboards (at which point why don’t you just use Segments?). We have a slew of customer verticals, internal user teams, and personas that are making their way into Segments because that’s the obvious place for them, buuuut Segments are effectively useless. :(

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Just wanted to update everyone on this thread that this is on my radar. I acknowledge the request and the pain points mentioned above, and will be working to address them in the near term.

@Chandu thanks for the acknowledgement. Any timeline for when we can expect this? I’m fighting through it today and rediscovered this thread.