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Additional End-user management capabilities for PX

  • 17 January 2022
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Hello to PX Product team,


I would love more user management for PX end-user. Better analytics around access and control over access for users. As well as ability to inactive rather than delete. Additional profile fields to help us understand our stakeholders and responsibility. An open text field would be great for notes on our end-user. 


For security reason we need to be able to manage our end users. who has access to what pieces of PX. We have close to 86 users and there is no auditing trail for changes. So you can see the need here. 


Best Regards,


Darshana Shah

2 replies

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+1. It would be great to see at least the same user management capabilities in PX that we have in CS (filter users, add columns, user analytics/breakdown, Gainsight360-type insights). 

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We have over 100 users and would like to be able to audit capabilities. For example, so that we can see who has access to managing engagements.