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Add more varied options to surveys

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Hi All,

Would it be possible to add the functionality to allow me to create surveys that incorporate both ratings and comment/feedback boxes?


It would be great for us as we can then ask how people are finding the tool overall and delve deeper into smaller parts of our tools to find out overall ratings and then comments too!



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Great idea @Jack-Occleshaw !  


Check out this previous post for a near term workaround.

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Hi Link,


Thanks for sending that through, it looks a great temporary fix for us - but as you’ll know we have so many different aspects of our tool…..


So if launched say a bit of learning on one of our tools, we’d have to do an NPS survey and then a multi-question survey and it could flood our engagements page with loads of surveys which we have to go back and forth to when trying to understanding ratings. (if if we launch a library of learning for people to do it could be very time consuming to find out the basic stats!).