Access to global css for high level visual customization

  • 8 June 2021
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Gainsight supports css on guide and template levels. However there are multiple css selectors that are not accessible or can’t be customized, for example, 1) triangle (which points to the aligned element) from the engagement guide takes the background color and can’t be hidden using css (No. it doesn’t take transparent color as background); 2) a drop shadow on .apt-guide-popup level remains visible and can’t be customized even after turning off shadow in Settings. 


There are also css attributes that are cross templates (e.g., font-family, default text/link color) which need to be set/repeated in every template.


Having capability to access/customize global css would help solving these limitations.  

7 replies

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@chunmeilu acknowledged your comment.

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cc: @Namrata Mitra Can you please consider feasibility of this for engagement experience

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@chunmeilu Will consider this as part of new enhancements planned.

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If we get Global CSS, it would be great to have an option to roll out the Global CSS to all engagements (replacing the guide-level CSS). 

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Could you share the latest pl @skalle

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Hi @chunmeilu @peppe ,


Global CSS is part of a larger initiative at PX called the “Template Home” and I request you to please enrol for the upcoming VCAM, if you have not done so. We will discuss overall Template Management and the needs like Global CSS. Please note this is an exploratory call to understand the requirements better.