Able to delete/change the ownership of the dashboards of a deleted user

  • 27 April 2020
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Hi All,

Use case 1:

A user who created some dashboards left the company and that user has been deleted from PX Instance. So now the dashboards are showing as orphan dashboards and no one has the ability to delete or edit those dashboards. 

Use Case 2:

How do I delete a dashboard Created by other Users?

So it will be helpful if the ability to edit or delete All dashboards is provided to Administrator in the above two cases.

Use Case 3:

We can delete a product even if there is a dashboard built on it, however, the screen goes blank if we try to open the dashboard of deleted products.

So it will be helpful, if this can also be handled.


R Satheesh

4 replies

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Seems like a workable option is to simply have PX also delete all of the custom dashboards or reports that were created by that user, at the time the user is deleted from the PX Subscription.



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Well, I like more the idea of leaving the dashboards as orphans (or automatically assign them to randomly chosen admin) because other users might rely on them for some insight.

We usually have several people creating dashboards and sharing them with others because they are the most familiar with the PX and the events that we have implemented so it’s logical that they will be asked for help by others. Instead of trying to teach them over the calls/chats on how to set up dashboards, it’s easier for these power users to create the dashboards themselves and share it with others.


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As part of the October release (now live), an admin can now navigate to the Admin->User Management page and choose to transfer ownership of another user’s reports, dashboards and filters!

If an admin tries to delete a user before transferring ownership, they’ll be prompted with a warning and an option to transfer ownership before deleting.

Thank you for the Product Idea and for your continued participating in the PX Community!

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@All, Happy to announce that your request is considered and pushed to October release. 

Please refer to release notes for more info

You can refer to this community post to know the number of posts considered for October release.