Ability to track Every Feedback when using EVERY TIME Qualification scope in Surveys.

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I have a multi Question Survey Engagement which I have launched with a feature being used right now and Qualification Scope Every time. So I would like to collect the feedback every time when the user clicks on the button feature. But Here, We will display the engagement every time when the feature is used, But we only collect the feedback once per session. 

That means if user submits 3 feedbacks with in a single session, We only consider one. Which is not a reliable Every time Qualification Scope. when we are displaying the Engagement every time, PX should also collect feedbacks every time.
It would be a really good and helpful feature request to be consider.




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Yes, a PX engagement will qualify at most once per session (so the multiple submissions per session for the same engagement will overwrite with the latest).


Thanks for the feature request!

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I can understand this for other engagements (e.g. dialogs, sliders...), but this behavior seems not adequate for surveys.

Is a new session automatically created every 30 minutes? From the Shireesha’s screenshot above, it looks like she was able to post a new response 31 minutes after the first one.

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@peppe Yes, If there is no activity in 30 mins, New session will be created automatically. But If there is activity, existing session will only continue.

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@shireesha_reddy  But in your screenshot above, you viewed the engagement multiple times, and you were still able to successfully submit the survey again after 31 minutes. Based on your last comment, the existing session was continuing - no new session should have been created because there was activity...

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@peppe ,

I have deleted the old session manually to submit the feedback. You can see that in the below screenshot,

Even though new session was created, the track will be under same user, since I didn’t switch between users.
You can also see the session initialized option if you click on the dropdown of the Recent Activity.
As long as I continue in the same session, my feedbacks won’t be tracked in PX after first time.