Ability to select more then 3 events when using Query Builder

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Hello everyone,

We would like to have the option of selecting more then 3 different features/events when using Query Builder to analyze our data. The use case is as follows.

When creating, for example, an onboarding tour (or any kind of guide actually) for our clients, it’s a good idea to map the steps of this tour as events and then to create a funnel. If we have set up a super-tour, we would expect that most of our clients will start from the first step (triggering the first event inside the funnel) and follow it to the last, following the order of the steps in this tour/guide.

While we can get some insights from such analysis, it actually gives us only partial information. This is because events (steps) inside a funnel need to be dependable on one another (each next step is taking into consideration only the set of people which landed on it from the previous step in the funnel) - and that’s great. However:

  • what if, for some reason, one of these steps (or events) isn’t working (or isn’t being triggered) for all the users for which it was intended?
  • or what if our clients, for some reason, are landing on the “third step of the guide” without ever visiting the second step?

In order to reach this insight and to have the full overview of the adoption of the designed tour and it’s steps, one could try to use Query Builder. There, we can select each event of the funnel separately (without them being dependable on one another in any way) and filter it out by using the Audience section (in this use case we are interested only in one audience at the time). Finally, we would select the “bar chart” option and we would get a graph showing us how many times each of the events from the guide were triggered, independently from one another (in the observed period).

What we are missing is the option to add more then 3 events in Query Builder. It is very usual that tours, guides or, in general, anything that we want to put into a funnel, consist of 6-8 steps. So we would like the ability to select and visualize at least 6-8 events, with the assumption that only 1 type of audience is being analyzed.

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@dorian_cudina I will work on this request and get back to you.

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hey @sai_ram, was there any discussion or update related to the implementation of this feature? I see that the idea is still flagged with “NO STATUS”...

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@dorian_cudina sorry, I was sick and couldn’t work, I will check on this and get back to you. This would take little time. 

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Hi @sai_ram, hope you are well now :)

Was there any update regarding the above feature request? It’s still under the same flag - “NO STATUS”

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Hi @dorian_cudina , Currently we are working on some enhancements like aggregation of custom event numerical properties, Distribution etc on Query Builder. We want to evaluate this further before we increase the custom event to more than 3.

Is there a larger number like 6, 10 that you are looking at or the fact that you did not want to cap this at all. We just want to be cautious on the number of events tone considered for query as it has scale and performance implications.



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Hi @skalle, thank you for such a quick response! 

For our use cases, the possibility to choose 7-8 events in Query Builder would be more than enough (even if we would be limited to choose only 1 Audience in such cases due to the performance limitations that you mentioned). 

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Hey @skalle, what are your thoughts on this one, is this feature request feasible/doable in your opinion?