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Ability to preview KC Bot on production without launching

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Sometimes when I am working with the KC Bot, I want to be able to preview it on production without actually launching the bot (like I can when editing engagements). I’d also rather not make a test bot targeted to just me, as I would have to change priority and launch/unlaunch to see the real bot.

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This is a great use case for having multiple Environments tracked by PX, since this could be turned on in the Stage or QA environment only for testing purposes.


Another way to do this is to include a specific URL or URL query parameters part in the Activation → Include Urls setting.  This setting can be changed and applied without pausing and launching the KC Bot again.


Below is an example of this, which includes a made up query parameter that I added to a normal application URL.  In this case, the URL was never possible in the application and it is only there when I type it into the browser address, but it works perfectly.


Here is the URL that I used for testing this in my browser...


Many application allow you to add query parameters, but some will strip them off too.  So, in that case, you could just find a rarely visited section of the product and use that URL for testing.


I hope this helps!!!!!



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@Julie-Pinto did the comments  by @link_black helped you?