Ability to "GROUP BY" all the data type in Query Builder

  • 8 October 2020
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In the Query Builder, when we use custom events, If we want to group by the properties of the custom events, we can only do so if the property data type is string. It would be really helpful if we have the ability to group by all the data types for all the properties of custom events.


3 replies

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@shireesha_reddy Thank you for sharing your request here. Its a valid request and good to have. I vote for it.

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Hi @shireesha_reddy 
Can you share some more detail on the use case of group by non-string values?

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Hi all,

Can you please share if there were any updates related to this feature request? Before seeing this post, I wrote a very similar idea here:

I also linked there the same feature request (from around 4 years ago) for CS:

On this last link, in the comments section, you can also find a few use cases :)