Ability to expand "Other" category in Path Analyzer reports

  • 15 June 2020
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In Path Analyzer when the threshold value is set to “0”, report displays top 9 features and everything else will be categorized as “Other”. It would be helpful if there is an ability to expand the “other” category to see what features are included.

2 replies

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This would be very valuable.  The Other category can often represent 25-33% of usage in our data.  One suggestion that might be a quick win is to show / hide non page view events as I find paths to be most valuable in context of page views first, and then including other events to drill into the details.

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Hiding certain data in Path Analyzer reports was proposed in https://community.gainsight.com/px-product-ideas-23/ability-to-hide-certain-type-of-events-in-path-analyzer-report-38215?postid=42094#post42094.