Ability to automatically skip step in Guide

  • 1 July 2021
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We have several elements on our pages that might be hidden for a user based on the user configuration or user role.

Currently, the guide will fail if it doesn’t find an element that’s mapped for a step. It would be very helpful if it can just skip to the next step in the guide after failing to locate the element hidden by these configuration settings.

4 replies

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@adhirajp sorry for the inconvenience, we will definitely look into the possibilities. Thank you for sharing your request here.

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Posting this similar request for visibility: 



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We are working on improving and supporting by including an option on Guide step if we want to skip if mapping element is not found or on a configurable timeout. All of this per step and this should take care of dynamic UI requests.

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Hey everyone - PX just released a new skippable step feature for this exact problem! Check out the details here