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Ability to add multiple values at once in PX filters

  • 19 November 2020
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Post on behalf of a couple of customers: 

Currently when trying to add values in the filters in PX we can add only one value at once and there is no option to either upload a file containing values to be added.

It would be very useful and makes life easy if we have an option to upload/add multiple values in filters in one go instead of adding manually each value.

Use case: If I have to add hundreds of account/user id in the account/user filter, currently I have to type all those hundreds of id’s, it would be great to have option to make it simpler.


1 reply

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It is currently possible for users to copy/paste a comma-delimited list of values into these criteria fields (up to a limit of 1,000 items). 


Users can use a spreadsheet program or a text editor to quickly convert lists of data into a comma-delimited format that will work.