Which of these integrations are you taking advantage of?

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Gainsight PX → Other Applications:

  • Gainsight CS: Gainsight PX can automatically pass usage data to your Gainsight instance to empower Gainsight users to build best-in-class account health score and as an input for relevant CTA's
  • Zendesk: Zendesk users are able to see what the user associated with the Zendesk ticket was last doing on the application with PX tag installed. Zendesk makes a call to PX to gather the last user activity belonging to a ticket you're looking at.
  • AWS S3 Export: When a connection to your S3 bucket is configured, Gainsight PX will periodically export user, account, and event data rollups to the S3 bucket in the format (JSON, XML or CSV) you choose
  • Slack: When a connection to Slack is configured, Gainsight PX periodically sends the information about new User Sign-up, Email Engagement, Survey Completed, Feedback received, and Engagement Management

Other Applications → Gainsight PX

  • Google Tag Manager: This configuration is for those who ARE using a Google Tag Manager (GTM) for tag management.
  • Segment: This Configuration is for those who ARE using a Segment.com for tag management. This integration allows for data flow into PX from Customer’s application.
  • SalesForce: The Gainsight PX Salesforce Integration allows for copying data from Salesforce to Gainsight PX on the Account and User records
  • HelpDocs: Gainsight PX tracks users outside your product for greater visibility, such as your knowledge base website. By default, you'll see page views of these docs under the user activity. You can also use URL rules in your product-mapper to track areas or specific docs pages

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Well, @ Gainsight, we use all of these integrations :)

All of the integrations seem to be lacking some basic functionality that we have found really frustrating. 

We would really like to use the Gainsight CS to PX integration, and that was a selling point for us. But you can’t separate out environments when you pull the data into CS. So our QA environment loads a ton of test accounts, and we can’t tell whether the usage information is coming from the Sandbox or the Production environment. We had to turn off our integration completely due to this issue. 

We just enabled the Slack to PX functionality, but again, you cannot separate anything out. All of our other Slack integrations allow us to segment information to different channels so groups can join channels that show information relevant to them. Even being able to separate the environments would be helpful. We’re looking at adding PX to some new environments/products we’re working on and it’s going to be detrimental to our adoption and continuation with PX if we can’t identify where our users are in our CRM and deployment tools. 

We are also integrated with SFDC, but ended up having to set up automated bulk uploading in order to ensure that all of the accounts sync correctly because the ID is hardcoded to a certain field type - which, of course, doesn’t match our field type in Salesforce. We could either change 5-6 other integrations or create a manual workaround to sync up the data. 

Good start - but frustrating to not be able to use it due to a lack of fundamental functionality.