Use PX to Track, Engage, and Convert Event Attendees into Leads

  • 3 June 2020
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Is your organization working on converting what would ordinarily be a big live event into a virtual event? Gainsight usually gathers thousands of customer success and product experience professionals in the SF Bay Area in mid-May, but this year our first-class marketing team took on the challenge of switching gears with less than 2 months notice, to deliver an amazing virtual event with 22k registrants. Along the way, marketing had to figure out how to track all of the attendees within the online application, engage more users than ever, and hopefully capture as many potential leads as possible. Enter PX.

Problem: “How do you track attendees without badge scanning?” 

Gainsight PX Solution: Mapping Feature Usage with Product Mapper

Data is crucial for calculating event ROI, and is often difficult to capture—so much tends to be anecdotal or requires human effort to capture (badge scanning, attendee questions or feedback in person).

PX allowed us to capture more Pulse data than ever before. There were over 100 different pages users could access within the Pulse Everywhere platform supporting our online event. At last year’s Pulse event this took more than 30 people, armed with badge scanners, standing in front of doors, scanning individual attendees. This process is tiring, expensive, and error-prone. By comparison, after adding a snippet of javascript into our event platform, Gainsight PX allowed us to chart every path attendees might traverse, and label it with a user-friendly term our team could easily identify for prospecting. This didn’t involve locating and naming each URL, one at a time (imagine every session, every sponsor booth, etc.—it would be unmanageable!) Gainsight PX’s “Product Mapper” feature did it in a few minutes. Product Mapper crawled the platform, charted out each URL in a well-organized “product tree”, making it simple for each Gainsight sales rep, CSM, and marketer to know exactly which features were being used in real-time and available via reports to be viewed later. 


To learn how we engaged and converted attendees into leads using PX, click here for the complete blog post.

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