Tips to Simplify and Unify Product Design and Brand

  • 28 May 2020
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Tips to Simplify and Unify Product Design and Brand
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Our design and product teams are focused on extending the Horizon Experience; Gainsight’s simple, intuitive, and beautiful new product experience, to all of our applications. Our VP Product Design, Ciara Peter, shares how we’re extending the Horizon Experience to the PX application in four phases.

“Given that one of our top goals for the PX integration was to better incorporate the established Gainsight brand, we looked for ways to move in this direction without inundating customers with components that overpower their identity. To accomplish this, we decided to start by unifying the application header and side navigation styling. This gives users the feeling they are in the same product suite with a very minimal engineering investment and also eliminating the requirement to retrain the user. By adding an expandable element to PX’s navigation, we are also able to support an extra level of navigation, eliminating the need to use valuable space inline, or show users multiple conflicting navigation paradigms in one view.”

To read about the next three phases of our rollout plan, check out the complete blog post here.

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