Tip of the Week: How to increase completion rates on your In-App Guides

  • 8 August 2019
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While there are multiple factors to be considered when launching an in-app Guide like launching it at the right time, at the right place and when the user needs it and making it more contextual based on the analytics, a quick addition which makes a motivating for the users to start/ navigate through a guide is knowing right off the bat- "how long is this guide/ tour!"

In a multi-step Guide, "add steps in the title" (or place it whever you like) in each modal to make it obvious and motivating for the users to navigate through your guides until completion. Knowing how many steps are involved and being able to the progress made/ how much is left is always more exciting and motivating.

For eg:

<Step 1/5> Start KC Bot Integration

<Step 2/5> Choose your integration

so and so forth (see screenshots below)

Let me know what you think.

7 replies

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This is a good suggestion. Perhaps we should consider making this PX configuration enhancement to optionally include a step progress indicator within the existing footer section. Perhaps something like this...

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Yes, this is a great idea! Product is aware of it.

cc: @mickey @ciarapeter

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I like Link's idea, and the placement of the info. Perhaps we can add it manually to the bottom of the engagement window as a temporary solution.

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One more idea here:

In addition to displaying the number of steps, it would be nice to be able to display them with circle indicators, similar to the display in the slider engagement:

Our marketing team likes this look; it helps keep the content looking clean and simple.

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Hi Julie,

Do you find that slider completion is better than walkthrough completion? So far, I'm disappointed with the progression and completion rate on our slider.

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We don't have any active sliders right now (waiting on testing), so I can't speak to that yet... My hypothesis though is that the shorter the guides/sliders, the better (I prefer no more than 3 steps). I think it'll take more experimentation to determine the "sweet spot" of content/length.

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@julie_pinto That's great and appropriate.

We recommend for Guides to be no longer that 4-5 steps, if it is anything longer than that, then it is best to include a video instead.

@lila_meyer I was talking to Leslie about the Guide completion rates and yesterday and what may be some of the things to look out for, happy to chat.