Seismic is hiring a PX + Adoption + Retention Expert!

  • 2 March 2020
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Hi everyone, I was given the OK to post that I’m hiring for a full-time PX + Adoption + Retention person!



You're busy, so are we. So let's get right into it.

Seismic has grown 100% or more every year for the past 8 or so years, leading to us being a billion dollar "unicorn" company (and we're just getting started). Despite this incredible growth and success, we're rethinking how our product organization should run. We've looked deep at ourselves in the mirror, found our flaws, owned them, and are working tirelessly to improve upon them. We have a plan, we know to get there, and we're pressing the gas pedal to do so. We also know that the destination in front of us is one of many to come, and that we will adapt and change as a team with fervor. At the end of the day, our product organization will be a well oiled machine and you will be a major reason for that.


What we need to do (the role)

We are collecting data and ideas from many different sources regarding what we should be building.  Some information is structured, some is not.  We're organizing, scoring, ranking, and prioritizing these ideas.  We're brainstorming on how these ideas can become initiatives, and where they roll up into our themes.  We're designing, validating, building, and reporting on products we're creating.  We communicate and share information with our team, our peers, and our customers.  We have 15+ product managers and 200+ engineers doing this today.

We're leveraging various technologies and tools to gather and manage this information.  Some tools will handle a lot of this.  Others handle small amounts.  We're still evaluating tools to fill some of the gaps in our processes.  We need someone to own not just the tools, but also the guide rails and how data is flowing between these tools, and how we can report on this information in meaningful ways across our company.

Gainsight PX is our highest priority right now, and that is where you will begin your journey.


Why you will help do it (your skills)

We need you to…

  • Understand data.  Not just the structure or the location of it, but what it means.  How to extract value from it.  You can manipulate it, move it, and leverage it in meaningful ways.
  • Love technologies, tools, software.  You want to dig in to a tool, know everything about it, stay up to date with new capabilities, build the guiderails around how we use it, and figure out how to squeeze the most value out of it. 
  • Have an abnormal attention to detail.  One flaw in data, a process, or a tool can have compounding affects.  You see those dominos and where they might fall.  It keeps you up at night.  You test and analyze everything in multiple ways to break your systems before they're in the hands of your users.
  • Have an always-on sense of urgency.  You understand what we're trying to accomplish, and you want to get there two weeks ago.
  • Not work in a bubble.  You are enabling a team of product managers and engineers (and an entire company) to enable their processes with your technologies.  You have great ideas, but know you may be wrong about how things should be done.  You work with everyone to understand the pain, the challenge, and work together to find solutions.
  • Have a great personality and be a good teacher.  There will be many users of your technologies that will span the company.  It's vital that you're able to educate, train, and help our people get the most out of these systems.  The whole "teach a person to fish" analogy applies here.  You may sometimes do the fishing for them, but everyone will be better served if you're able to help them help themselves.
  • Love product development, and have a history with it.  It's one thing to have managed data flows and technologies, it's another thing to have done it within a product organization.  You need to "get" product management.


This is not an entry-level role, it is also a very hands-on role.  You need to be proficient in many or all of these areas.  We look forward to seeing how you can help change how we build product at Seismic!


If you’re interested, feel free to hover over my avatar and send me a private message (click the envelope icon on the top-right of my profile card).  


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