re-run backfill after editing the selector

  • 1 July 2020
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When re-running backfill after editing the selector of a feature, do the old “incorrect” events get discarded or are they simply added?

1 reply

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Hi LT,

I had the same question and while troubleshooting feature analytics with Support I received this note:

“there is no DELETE operation as a part of backfill. I.e, If you create a feature and backfilled it once the operation is done, let's say you got 100 events. But if you edit the same feature again and backfill it even though you are changing the selector or scope of the feature, the previously backfilled data will still be there and if any new events identifies during the backfill they will be added to it. That means new identified events will be added to the previous 100, but those 100 will not be deleted.”

This is definitely not what I wanted to hear, as it means my team needs to recreate 90% of the features we’ve mapped and then edited at some point over the last 15 months and backfill every single one.

This detail really needs to be added to the top of the backfill FAQ in bold red all caps.