Question of the Week: How to handle engagement on pages having dynamic URL

  • 28 August 2019
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Use Case:

I want to launch engagement using KC bot, I have customers whose applications will open with dynamic Url's as shown below when clicking on the engagement.

URL of Customer 1: https://abc.xyz.com/Admin

URL of Customer 2: https://mno.pqr.wxy.com/Admin

URL of Customer 3: https://klm.stu.com/Admin

So from all the above URL's domain and subdomain parts keeps on changing and none of the domains or sub domains seems to be consistent.


1. Please use this in guide activation URL of Knowledge Center.

https://$px-auto-resolve/Admin -- This will completely resolve the domain and can handle all the above formats of URL in a single go!.

However, there is another road block on how you have to define the URL in the audience of the engagement for the dynamic domains?

There you go!

2. Please use this in the audience of the engagements.

Url is https://*.*.*/Admin , https://*.*.*.*/Admin.


Dileep Nalla

2 replies

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Awesome @dileepnalla, thanks for posting.

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It worked for us, thanks again Dileep!