PX Data Loader- A quick how to use video

  • 11 September 2019
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Hey everyone,

I wanted to share a quick video (6 mins.) about how to use the PX Data Loader. I think this will make it easier to understand the use case, but more importantly, how to quickly get it set up and used.

The PX data loader and PX REST API help you bring in User, Account, or Custom Event data into the PX application. The data could be historical or from other usage tracking apps. Then, you can see the data in PX’s Adoption Explorer. Customer data can be used to target your engagements more accurately, or for deeper insights and analytics.

This article will also help you get started with the data loader.

Hope this helps!


5 replies

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This is great and easy to understand, thanks @christopher_sanderson for your efforts

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Hey @christopher_sanderson , thanks for sharing this, super helpful, already shared it with a customer who was looking to do this!


I’ve been using the data loader for several custom attributes updates and and it’s great! However - I am now trying to update a field in the USER records and I get the following error (Cleaned up the API Key):

Row: 75 Error 403 : '{"externalapierror":{"status":"FORBIDDEN","timestamp":"08-03-2020 12:15:48","message":null,"debugMessage":null,"subErrors":null}}' on {"identifyId": "5c095f40f880c4000d1d286f", "customAttributes": {"Champion": "true"}, "propertyKeys": ["AP-XXXXXX-2"], "accountId": "5b17ed0395ed76000d52ff77"}


My config JSON looks like this:


"apiKey" : "XXXXXX",

"productKey" : "AP-XXXXXX-2",

"fieldMapping" : {

"USER" : {

"identifyId" : "Identify Id",

"accountId" : "Account ID",

"customAttributes.Champion": "Champion"




These are the same API Key and Product Key i’ve been using to update ACCOUNTS and it worked. Any idea? 


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I am not sure if you figured this one out, but it looks like your JSON may be at fault.  However, I think the error message could be better from our side.  See below:



I figured this out. The problem was that the API key which I created initially was only allowed to update accounts (I wanted to ensure I dont mess with user records). So - I created a new API Key which is allowed to update users as well and use it. 

And yes - the error message could be better :)