PX Custom Dashboards - Snapshot of Partner/Big Customers' Users

  • 10 July 2019
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Who else is stoked about the custom dashboards?!

Here's the first one I set up. We run on a partnership model, where Bongo is typically the 3rd party that is resold through partners. Historically, we haven't had a good way to capture usage data comparing one partner to another. I made the dashboard below by creating public filters for each partner, then applying 1 filter per widget. This would probably be easier if you have a simple customer model where you can just use account information. Now, when our Customer Success team opens this up, they can get a good snapshot of where certain partners are at in their journey. As you can tell, I picked some more established partners and some brand new partners that are just getting started.

This is just one view, and I'm getting ready to meet with others at Bongo to see how I can set up relevant dashboards.

But I'm super curious - how is everyone else using it? What dashboards have you made?


4 replies

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@julie_pinto This is so awesome!!! Thanks for being such an early adopter!!!! I am sure Product Team would love to see this @mickey @ciarapeter

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@amellano FYI, since your team has started to use this. May be you want to share your use case here?

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@denver_pm fyi

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Yay Julie!! So glad you're getting good use out of them. Please keep the feedback coming!