Measuring Feature Impact on User Retention w/GPX

  • 16 July 2019
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I've used the Retention Analysis feature to poke around and see when we typically meet our ideal product/market fit with users. Recently, it also occurred to me that I could measure the impact of certain features on user retention (and account retention for that matter).

Question: What is the impact of ____ feature(s) on user retention?

PX feature: Retention Analysis


  • Features > Module in ________ 
  • If you are curious about a specific feature, you could definitely go that route as well. In this case, I wanted to see how the overall level of activity within a certain section of our product had an impact on user retention.
  • Number of total times used greater than 200



That filter resulted in the following view. I was astounded to see that significant activity in this area of our product has such a strong correlation to user retention.


Interestingly, the higher the number of total times used was, the higher the user retention was. I picked a number somewhere in the middle in order to not make the filtered group of users too small.

Hope this is interesting/helpful to others!

Through the Features > Adoption reports in PX, I found that level of activity/user to be reasonable for this module.

6 replies

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Thanks for continuing to share your awesome learnings here, Julie!

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Absolutely! And there's so much more to discover!

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@julie_pinto thanks for sharing, I just shared your post with a customer (that I have done many times), so please keep your posts coming, super helpful!

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That's great to hear!! I'm just glad we have a space to share ideas now. I'll post again as I think of more!

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Hey @julie_pinto I know this post is about 6 months old but it’s awesome! I’ve had similar thoughts and just discovered it.


Problem is: I ran a similar report against my data and I’m not sure how to read it :)

How did you interpret this data? What was the data point above that led you to see a relationship between the Module you selected and retention?


Thanks for your feedback!

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@adamrz  Thanks!! Turns out, I work on the Gainsight team now :) 

From what you shared, it looks like users who used that module however many times (depending on your filter settings) have 94% retention compared to all users.

Now, of course, users engaging in any module are likely to result in higher retention than all users (which includes users who came into the product once and left).

So I’d recommend running the above report against each module, then comparing the retention rates of each module to each other. That way, you are comparing apples to apples :)