Learn how product leaders make better products using analytics & in-app engagement

  • 20 May 2020
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During our Pulse Everywhere event last week, we hosted product leaders from Adobe, Produx Labs, Seismic, Mavenlink, Email on Acid, and Ring DNA. The session recordings are available for free to watch, learn, and share!

  • Managing Uncertainty: How to Focus Your Product Strategy (30 mins.) - Learn how to create and deploy a product strategy that is grounded in data and business goals, and that accounts for uncertainty. Now more than ever, it’s time to prioritize around your core value drivers and set your teams up for success.
  • Driving Adoption by Scaling In-App Guidance Capabilities Across Your Team (35 mins.) - Learn how Adobe applied the principles of a franchise operating system to empower Product Managers to provide consistent and relevant in-product guidance to customers. You’ll leave this session with a detailed template and specific next steps to start scaling your own efficient, in-product guidance program.

  • What Does Being "Data-driven" Mean and How To Do It With Gainsight PX (36 mins.) - Explore how data (the tool) helps Product and CS leaders partner to find, maintain and increase product-market fit (the job). The team at Mavenlink will share how a clear definition of their “job to be done” is helping them build the right data frameworks to drive success in their business. Hint, it’s not just your product analytics that matter.

  • Day in the Life of a Product Leader: How I Drive Sustained Adoption with Gainsight PX (34 mins.) - Learn how to get the most out of your analytics with Gainsight PX, showcase your ideas through the power of narrative, and drive to data-driven decisions with Sarah Anderson.

  • Analytics 201: The Reports you Need to Advance as a Product Leader (35 mins.) - Join us for a discussion about metrics that matter and how to make decisions company-wide based on data from across your organization. No matter the challenge you're facing or decision you need to make, data can help you solve it - so decide on the right metrics, find the data, tell a compelling narrative to your stakeholders, and operationalize a strategy.

  • Driving End-to-End Success For Your New Feature Launch With Gainsight PX (36 mins.) - Seismic will walk you through a real-life example, showing you the questions to ask and the steps you can take pre-pilot to set yourself up for success. You’ll also learn how to leverage the data that you collect to guide your product roadmap and create a better customer experience.

Note: If you haven’t registered for the Pulse Everywhere event, you’ll need to do so (it’s FREE!) to listen to the above session recordings. To access other Pulse sessions, navigate to the bullseye icon (Tracks) and browse the session list. 



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This is really helpful and useful, thanks for sharing a collated list here @lila_meyer !