How would you manage a high volume of engagements?

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Ways to Organize Engagements

Currently, We do not have folders or anything similar for engagements. The alternative solution is to append the engagement names, which can look like: “[New Users] Onboarding Guide.”

Below are some ways to organize engagements:

  • By Audience [list]
  • New Users
  • Mature Users
  • All Users
  • By Use Case

    • Product Releases and Enhancements [list]
    • High Impact
    • Low Impact
  • User Feedback

  • Company-Wide Announcements

  • By Team/Responsible Person:

    • Product Management
    • Customer Success
    • Sales
    • Customer Support
    [/list]Current Functionality:

    Filter by: Type, Status

    Types: Dialog, Slider, Email, Guide, Survey

    Status: Active, Completed, Editing, Paused

    Columns: Arrange by columns

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    This is very helpful tip, thanks for sharing @Alex!

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    Using naming conventions for engagements makes a lot of sense. Once you have dozens, like we do, it makes it easier to find things too!